#02 - Pinot + Petals - April 20th

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#02 - Pinot + Petals - April 20th


Experience a night of leisurely elegance and discover the floral artistry and in's & out's of floral design with Angie's Floral Designs Workshops. Learn how to craft your own flower arrangement and walk away with your glorious creation! Tickets include flowers, vase, and access to light snacking and merriment with a delicious glass of wine.  


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Location: All Floral Workshops are hosted at the Coronado Country Club and/or Coronado Tower with a TBD Location for every event. Every event changes depending on the capacity of the attendees, but as soon as you sign up, you will receive an email with the exact location.

Flowers + Wine: Angie's Floral Design Workshop TEAM provides the material to create your own flower arrangement, a designer with a demonstration, and a glass of wine or an non-alcoholic drink with light snacking. You must bring your OWN materials to create the flower arrangement; for example scissors, clippers, trash bag, broom and more to create and also clean up your section.

Workshop Duration: Workshops typically last 1-2 hours depending on the amount of attendees. Please come ready to sign up to a class that is typically from 6:30-8:30 PM.

If you have any further questions about booking classes or information about what to bring to the Design Workshop, please email us at customerservice@angiesfloraldesigns.com

Angie's Floral Designs is the new stylish and sophisticated online florist experience in West El Paso. Angie's vision is to uniquely service the mass-affluent social cultivator looking for superior style in floral arrangements, weddings and corporate events. Angie's Floral Designs combines vitality and care to deliver an experience of true luxury moments.



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For information, questions or comments please email: customerservice@angiesfloraldesigns.com
Experience the fine art of flowers with Angie's Floral Designs.